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Accurapuls Canada Inc.

Accurapuls GmbH in Germany is the inventor, developer, and global patent holder of the novel metal surface treatment process that has become known as “Micro Cold Forging” and “Machine Hammer Peening”.

This process is applied through the operation of a controllable electro-magnetic hammer head imparting rapid reciprocal motion of a striker ball against a workpiece surface. The head and/or workpiece position is controlled by a multi-axis manipulating unit, typically a CNC mill, lathe or robot.

Accurapuls Canada Inc. is the authorized sales and service representative for Accurapuls in North America.

Thomas Pickhardt is President and Technical Director with 35 years experience in manufacturing, tool making, and applications engineering.

Brian Guild is Vice President and Communications Director with 37 years experience in the machine tool sales and service industry.

Accurapuls Canada Inc.

Thomas Pickhardt
Direct Line: 780-299-2015

Brian Guild
Direct Line: 780-445-0920

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